Electric Heating Lunch Box

$29.95 $49.95


Enjoy your lunch as it was meant to be, warm and fresh!

Eating your lunch that's no longer hot and fresh would make you lose your appetite or unsatisfied. Having this kind of experience everyday will make you lose your mood to do better things for the whole day.

Be free from that nightmare! This Self-Heating Lunch Box will preserve the freshness of the food by its low-power thermal cycling design. Enjoy your food to the fullest and satisfy your hunger!

It is made up of heat-resistant materials that will keep it safe even for kids. 


Self-Heating - Just plug the cord 25 minutes before the lunch break, continue working, and have your lunch warm and ready. Enjoy your lunch as if it was just freshly cooked!

Safe to Use - Made from food-grade, heat-resistant material to guarantee your food is safe.

Seal its Freshness - With its innovative design, your lunch is sealed perfectly for storage. No need to worry about soup, sauces, or oil spilling!

Bring your own Utensil - The Self-Heating Lunch Box has its own spoon and fork compartment. No need to use disposable utensils!

Heat Food in your Car - the Self-Heating Lunch Box also has an adapter for your car. You can start warming your lunch while you're driving to work!